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    The Lofty Virtues Of Ibn Taymiyyah

    Abu Hafs Umar ibn Ali al-Bazzar | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 34 | Size: 1 MB
    The result of all this was the authoring of the thousands of books and collections that now fill Islamic libraries, the raising of the word of truth, and the empowering of the Ummah by its sticking to the religion of truth, Islam. Because of this, all of the powers of the world gathered against the Muslims in order to weaken them. So, the scholars of Islam rose to the occasion and defended Allah’s Religion. From these scholars who raised the banner of truth and the honor of defending Islam was Shaykh al-Islam Taqi ad-Din Ibn Taymiyyah, with the many brave stances he took in his time, and with the countless books and fatawa of his that now fill the Islamic library. In order to better know this brave, pious imam known as Ibn Taymiyyah, we present to the reader this biography that was written by the pen of a scholar who saw, lived with, and befriended Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah - and he is none other than al-Imam al-Bazzar – and he called this book ‘al-A’lam al-‘Aliyyah fi Manaqib Ibn Taymiyyah,’ and he is the most qualified to write about him. It is hoped that as opposed to the typical biography that is filled with mere facts and figures, this book will serve to provide the reader with a first-hand account of the human side of one of the greatest Islamic personalities to have ever lived – one that can be taken as an example in formulating a lifestyle and conducting day to day affairs.

    Table of Contents

    Why I Wrote This Book
    His Upbringing
    His Abundant Knowledge, Writings, and Excellent Memory
    His Knowledge of the Various Types of Related Information
    His Worship
    His Cautiousness
    His Zuhd
    His Poverty and Humility
    His Physical Appearance and Dress
    His Miracles and Incredible Foresight
    His Generosity
    His Strength and Bravery
    His Patience Upon Hardship and Firmness Upon the Truth Until Death
    Allah Made Him an Authority and a Clarifier of Truth and Falsehood
    His Death and the Immense Crowd That Attended His Funeral


    Imam Abu Hanifa

    Muhammad Abu Zahra | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 67 | Size: 1.5 MB
    Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family and Companions. This is a study of Imam Abu Hanifa – his life, opinions and fiqh. I first address his life in order to understand his personality, psychology and thought, so that I can offer the reader a true and sound picture in which the special qualities and attributes of this Imam are revealed. Then I examine his views on dogma, fatwas and analogy. Deriving a true picture of Abu Hanifa from the books of history and biographies is not easy since the adherents of his school have been excessive in their praise, going beyond acceptable bounds, and his detractors have been equally intemperate in their criticism. When faced with these two extremes, the investigator who seeks only the truth may be confused and this uncertainty can only be resolved with difficulty and great effort.

    I think that I have managed to reveal a true picture of Imam Abu Hanifa, with all its shadows and shafts of light, and in the process of discovering it I have shed light on the time in which he lived and mentioned some details of the most notable contemporary sects. It is certain that he used to argue and debate with these sects and that their opinions and ideas were much discussed at that time. Mentioning them will clarify the spirit of the age and the currents of thought prevalent in it.

    Then I examine his opinions on politics and dogma. This is necessary if we want to study all the intellectual aspects of any thinker. His views on politics had an effect on the course of his life. To ignore them would be to ignore an important aspect of his personality, psychology, heart and thought. His views on dogma were the clarification of all the ideas prevailing in his age and the pure core of the opinions of those who were free of excess and extravagance. They were a sound expression of the views of the Muslim community. Indeed, they are the core of the deen and the spirit of certainty. I then go on to look at his fiqh, which is the primary goal of this study. I begin by elucidating the general principles which he used in his deduction and which define its path and clarify his method in ijtihad. For this I rely on what the early Hanafis wrote regarding the principles on which they depended and the method employed by Abu Hanifa. Concerning that I chose to be succinct rather than comprehensive, general rather than specific, and did not go into all the principles mentioned by the Hanafis since many of them cannot be ascribed to the Imam and his companions but come from a later period.


    The Life, Teachings And Influence Of Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab

    Jamaal Zarabozo | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 400 | Size: 3 MB
    The Life, Teachings and Influence of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab: This book is not one with a political agenda. It is meant neither to support nor to critique any contemporary regimes or policies. Indeed, the driving force behind this work is much greater and more important than that. It has to do with, first, the religion of Islam as preached by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) himself and, second, with the honor and rights of an individual Muslim, Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab.

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