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    The Religious And Moral Doctrine Of Jihad

    Author: Ibn Taymiyyah | Language: English | Size: 1MB | Pages: 36 | Format: PDF

    Ibn Taymiyyah verdicts in regards to Jihad are often not available especially on whom Jihaad is to be carried out. The shaykhs verdicts are filled with a sea of knowledge that oulines fighting not only the enemy aggressor, but also apostates and even those who oppose clear cut rulings of Islam, despite their claims to be Muslims.

    Taqi ud-Deen Abu-l-’Abbas Ahmad ibn ‘Abd al-Haleem ibn ‘Abd as-Salam ibn Taymiyyah al-Harrani al-Hanbali, was born on Monday the 10th of Rabi’ al-Awwal 66l H./22nd of January 1263 C.E. at Harran. His father fled with his family from Harran to Damascus in the year 667 H. /1268 C.E. out of fear of the Tartars who invaded the land of Islaam and were very close to Harran. In Damascus, the centre of Islaamic studies at that time, Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah followed in the footsteps of his father who was a scholar of Islaamic studies by studying with the great scholars of his time, among them four women including Zainab bint al-Makki who taught him hadeeth.

    He completed his studies when he was a teenager and at the age of nineteen he became a teacher of Islamic doctrines. He was well versed in Quraanic studies, hadeeth, fiqh, theology, Arabic grammar and scholastic theology. He started giving fataawa on religious legal matters without following any of the traditional legal schools. He defended the sound prophetic traditions by arguments, which, although taken from the Quraan and the Sunnah, had hitherto been unfamiliar to people of his time.

    This was a time when the entire world of Islaam was trembling with fright as an imminent target of Tartar oppression. Iraq, Iran, and Khurasaan continued to be
    despotically ruled by the Tartars. The Mamluke Turks ruled Egypt, Sudan, Syria, and Hijaz. Simultaneously, a large Christian evangelical movement was mounting to censure Islaam. The crusaders were incessantly attacking Palestine and the European Christians residing in Syria and Cyprus had become emboldened to criticize the prophethood of Rasoolullah r, compose works on the alleged truthfulness of Christianity, and to invite theological debate.

    Ibn Taymiyyah responded at every possible level. He fought heretical innovations in religion which were wide spread during his time all over the Muslim world, especially certain acts and beliefs of some Sufi orders, like saint worship and visiting saints’ tombs seeking help from them, his refutations on shirk and bid`ah caused him to be persecuted by the authorities whose leaders were under the influence of certain scholars.

    Ibn Taymiyyah’s fight was not limited to the people who followed the heretical innovations; in addition, he fought against the Tartars who attacked the Muslim world and almost reached Damascus. The people of Syria sent him to Egypt to urge the Mamluke Sultan, the Sultan of Egypt and Syria to lead his troops to Syria to save it from the invading Tartars. When he realized that the Sultan was hesitant to do what he asked of him, he threatened the Sultan by saying: “If you turn your back on Syria we will appoint a Sultan over it who can defend it and enjoy it at the time of peace”.

    He was present at the battle of Shaqhab near Damascus against the Tartars which took place during the fasting month of Ramadhaan and gave a fatwa to the army to break their fast in order to help them against their enemy, as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did during the battle of the liberation of Makkah. The Muslims won the battle against the Tartars and drove them away from Damascus and all Syria.


    44 Ways Of Supporting Jihad

    By Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki. Jihad is the greatest deed in Islam and the salvation of the ummah is in practicing it. In times like these, when Muslim lands are occupied by the kuffar, when the jails of tyrants are full of Muslim POWs, when the rule of the law of Allah is absent from this world and when Islam is being attacked in order to uproot it, Jihad becomes obligatory on every Muslim. Jihad must be practiced by the child even if the parents refuse, by the wife even if the husband objects and by the one indebt even if the lender disagrees. Dear brothers and sisters the issue is urgent since today our enemy is neither a nation nor a race. It is a system of kufr with global reach. The kuffar today are conspiring against us like never before. So could we be heading towards the great battle between the Romans and the Muslims - Al Malhamah - which the Prophet (saaws) spoke about?


    Defence Of The Muslim Land

    'Defence of the Muslim Lands' has become a classical Islamic text studying the legal implications of when and under what conditions Jihad is permitted under the Shariah. Dr. Abdullah Azzam discusses many critical questions relating to the types of Jihad, the conditions under which Jihad becomes an obligation upon all Muslims, parents permission, fighting in the absence of the Islamic State and peace treaties with the enemy. This new edition contains over 150 footnotes and a 'scholars base' which give brief details of each of the fifty or so scholars mentioned in the text.


    The Absent Obligation

    The author writes about the importance of Jihad, implementaion of Shariah and the duties of the Muslim ruler. The book has been translated for the first time in English. The author was executed by the Egyptian authorities in 1982

    Jihaad fee sabeel Lillah (in the cause of Allaah), despite its overriding importance and its great influence on the future of Islaam, has been neglected by present scholars, although they know that it is the only way to bring Islaam back and cause it to come to the surface again. Every Muslim seems to prefer the ideas and the philosophies that he fancies instead of the best way that Allaah has drawn for honour, power and glory of His servants. But there is no doubt that the tyrants of this earth will only be removed by the might of the sword, and that is why the Prophet (PBUH) said: "I have been sent before the Hour with the sword until Allaah is worshipped alone with no partner, and my sustenance has been placed underneath the shade of my spear, and the disgrace and the abasement have been inflicted on those that oppose my command, and whoever imitates a people is one of them


    The Giant Man

    “For history to write, and for the Muslims to bear witness: that we were killed for the Sake of Allāh, upon our Islāmic principles and everlasting ‘Aqīdah - is better to us with Allāh, than history being written while the Muslims bearing witness against us, that we lived in health and comfort after we have compromised our principles and abandoned the Banner of Jihād. And whoever thought that the Islāmic State will be blessed with dominance without trials and tests, then he is an ignorant one who does not know the biography of the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم.” “Amīr Al-Mu’minīn, Al-Mulla Muhammad ‘Umar Mujāhid”


    Kalid Bin Al-Waleed (Sword of Allah)

    Khalid bin Al-Waleed was one of the greatest generals in history, and one of the greatest heroes of Islam. Besides him, Genghis Khan was the only other general to remain undefeated in his entire military life. A measure of Khalid's genius is that he was the only person to inflict a (temporary) defeat on the Prophet Muhammad, (may Allah bless him and grant him peace).sThe original title of the book, "The Sword of Allah: Khalid bin Al-Waleed, His Life and Campaigns" was written by the late Lieutenant-General A.I. Akram of the Pakistan Army, in October 1969. The author learnt Arabic in order to draw on the earliest historical sources and he visited every one of Khalid's battlefields in order to draw analyses from the viewpoint of military strategy, including reconciling conflicting historians' accounts. The book was originally published by the Army Education Press, Rawalpindi, Pakistan and printed by Feroze Sons Publishers in Lahore, Pakistan. The excellence of the book was such that it has been translated from English into Arabic and is currently sold in bookshops throughout the Arab World.


    Commanders of the Muslim Army

    By: Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar

    'Commanders of the Muslim Army (Among the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him)' compiled in the Urdu language, by a great scholar and a compiler of Islamic books, Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar and translated by our Islamic sister Jamila Muhammad Qawi. After the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the empire of Islam spread over an area of ten hundred thousand square miles. We should have to study inevitably the lives of these remarkable leaders if we are deeply interested in learning about the Islamic history.

    We will try and add a chapter from this book every week insha'Allah.


    Salahuddin Ayyubi

    The life and times of this great Muslim general.

    This book is about the life of one of the greatest warriors in the history of the world, Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi. The book begins with the historical background of the Crusades and then tells about the great General's childhood and the beginning of his career, how he started off as a regular soldier and rose to become the Sultan. It tells how the whole of Europe was defeated by the great Sultan's bravery, courage, and wisdom.

    Muslim children living today should know about the great heroes of Islam and this book is an excellent way to introduce them to Salahuddin Ayyubi. Well written and well produced, this book will be a good addition to your home library.


    Return of the Pharaoh: Memoirs in Nasirs Prison

    By Zainab al Ghazali. Return of the Pharoah relates how, falsley accused of conspiring to kill Jamal Abd An Nasr, the author was arrested and imprisoned. While awaiting trial she was subjected to the most teribble and inhumane torture. This book describes in a captiviating manner the ordeal which this Muslim activist went through in the notorious Egyptian prisons. This book describes in a captivating manner the ordeal which this Muslim activist went thorugh in the notorious Egyptian prison. Instead of dampering her enthusiasam for Islam and the Islamic movement , the afflications and savageries in Nasir 's prisons increased her commitment and dedication to the cause of Islam. This autobiographical work can be considered a historic document in that its author was an aactive withness to one of the most volatile periods of Egypt's contemporary history.


    Signs of ar-Rahman in Jihad of Afghan

    Author: Shaykh Abdullah Azzam | Language: English | Size: 778KB | Pages: 80 | Format: PDF

    This book was written by Shaykh Abdullah Azzam during the Afghan-Soviet Jihad in the 1980’s. It deals specifically with first hand accounts of the miracles that occured during this Jihad. Shaykh Abdullah Azzam writes, ‘These incidents which are going to be narrated are, in reality, more extraordinary than one can possibly imagine, and appear to resemble fairytales. I have personally heard them with my own ears; and have written them with my own hands from those Mujaahideen who themselves were present. I have heard these miracles from such men who are trustworthy and reliable, and who have been constantly on the battlefield. The miracles are many, so much so that they more or less reach the degree of Tawaatur i.e. such a large number that does not entertain the possibility of fabrication. I have heard numerous such miraculous episodes, but brevity does not allow me to enumerate all of them.


    In the Hearts of Green Birds

    5Th April 1992, war broke out in the Balkans. Many people shouted and screamed. A few actually went to the aid of the Bosnian Muslims. Different organisations came. Much is still talked about the help given by these people.

    There was however, another group of individuals who also went to Bosnia. No mention was made of them. They came from near and far, young and old, rich and poor, and they travelled to Bosnia. These people were the foreign Mujahideen (volunteer Islamic fighters).

    Between 1992-95, hundreds came and went. A handful never returned: the Shuhadaa’ – those killed in the way of Allah.

    With true sincerity to Allah (Allah knows best) and an undying commitment to the Deen of Islam, the Shuhadaa of Bosnia managed, insha’Allah to attain the ultimate objective of a Muslim – the Pleasure of Allah, followed by the reward which awaits in Paradise on High, and Eternal Bliss is unfolded to enjoy.


    The Lofty Mountain

    The Lofty Mountain contains the translation of perhaps the last book that Sheikh Abdullah Azzam wrote before he was assassinated. It is a unique biography of an individual that is not known to many people: the martyred Sheikh Tameem Al-Adnani from Palestine, whose soul left this World in 1989


    Join the Caravan

    This book was written in 1987 at the peak of the Jihad in Afghanistan. This text was used by many Islamic organisations in the 1980's to rally support for their Muslim brethren in Afghanistan.


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